WIM Software Solutions

Electronics Solution Group Ltd performs a full range of work on the implementation of Weigh-in-Motion solutions, which includes: design, software development, supply and installation of equipment and supporting structures, as well as commissioning and technical support of WIM systems.

Our high-speed dynamic weighing system for vehicles in motion performs the functions of measuring, collecting, processing, temporary storing, transmitting and managing of data streams related to the following tasks:

  • measurement of axle loads and axle groups, total mass and dimensional parameters of all vehicles;
  • temperature measurement at the installation sites of the dynamic weighing system;
  • accurate detection of vehicles whose dimensional and weight parameters exceed the preset limit values, that are valid at the time of measurement for the relevant class of vehicles;
  • aggregation of all data on vehicles with simultaneous classification by dimensional and weight parameters;
  • providing the ability to view data on each weighing station in real time on site or with remote access using specialized software / hardware.

ESG is a reliable developer of certified WIM software solutions that are designed to meet the different needs of our clients` projects, demands for efficiency, operation on multi-lane roads and in specific conditions. Data processing is supported by the following software modules of our multi-server WIM system:

  • built-in controller software for local collection and transmission of information;
  • back office server software with a database (vehicle records can be collected from any number of WIM stations);
  • web portal software with interfaces for automated workstations of administrators, dispatchers and other personnel;
  • mobile applications (for on-site WIM inspectors).

Factors such as hassle-free setup and no need to check productivity metrics during operation make our software ergonomic for even the most complicated applications. In addition to the undeniably beneficial real-time data viewing function (i.e. 24-7-365 traffic monitoring), ESG's WIM system also incorporates an advanced reporting module and many other features.

Electronics Solution Group Ltd can guarantee a high quality of provided services and products because during all stages of our WIM projects’ implementation only experienced trained professionals carry out tasks and control all processes. Also, the specification and accuracy testing (in-service evaluation) of our WIM systems comply with the principles of the COST 323 action.


To transform ordinary cities into smart cities and provide high quality end-to-end solutions for our customers, ESG team uses innovative technologies. In particular, traffic safety can be significantly improved by studying and controlling the impact of improperly loaded vehicles on roads using our WIM system. To find out more information about the WIM software solutions that we offer, please contact ESG at sales@electronics-solution.com.

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