Smart Cards

Product Description:
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Capacity: 512 bit
  • Read Distance: 2.5-10cm
  • Duration: More than 10,000 times
  • Data Storage: 5 years
  • Dimensions: Super thin card 85.6x54x0.60mm/ISO standard size card
  • Encapsulation Material?PVC?ABS?PET
  • Antenna: Ultrasonic auto winding
  • Soldering: Auto butt-weld
  • Applicable Standard: ISO
  • Typical Application: High secured occasions such as underground/sub metro ticket, public transportation ticket, intelligent plaza, access control

  • 64bit memory array laser programmable
  • Operating frequency: 100 to 150kHz
  • On-chip voltage limiter

Logistics automation; Anti-counterfeiting; Access control; Industrial transponder Customization Support:
Made in ISO Card: Dimension of CR80 (86mm* 54mm *0.82mm)
Be available with offset printing, silk-screen printing, metallic or silver background, photo personalization
Made into other shapes: Coin tags, keychains, clamshell cards, glass tags etc.
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