Electronics Solution Group Ltd. stands as an official distributor of a Korean manufacturer of LED products Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Since its inception in 1987, Seoul Semiconductor has been leading the LED industry in Korea and is now heading to be one of the world's top 3 LED manufacturers with innovative management systems and advanced technologies.

I commenced the management reformation as the CEO in 1992 to take the company off to the global stage. My vision is to develop a company the employees of which take great pride and satisfaction in delivering stable and high returns to the shareholders. Furthermore, the company will fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

“Life is a drawing which cannot be erased and redrawn.” I promise to maintain our initial commitments to build up a most respected company for our employees, our shareholders and our customers.

To see the list of products offered by Seoul Semiconductor have a look below:

Acrich Series LEDs by Type LEDs by Type LEDs by Power nPola
- Acrich MJT - Z-Power LED - Z-Power LED - High Power  
- Acrich3 - Top View LED - Top View LED - Mid Power  
- Acrich2 - Through Hole - Through Hole - Low Power  
- Acrich - Side View LED      
  - Chip/Sensor      
  - Customized Module      
  - Chip On Board      

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