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Electronics Solution Group Ltd provides services in designing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCB).

Our designers develop PCB routing in accordance with client`s requirements and specifications. We design single-layer, double-layer and multilayer PCBs (up to 20 layers) with dead or hidden vias; metal core PCBs; flexible and flexibly-rigid PCBs; radio frequencies and super-high frequencies PCBs, etc.

Our staff develop PCBs of any complexity as promptly as practicable. One should e-mail us technical specification to start the ball rolling. After approval for details we start up PCB development in strict accordance with the specifications and SOW.

PCB manufacturing specification:

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  • Number of layers: 1 - 20;
  • Size of the billet (max): 450 mm x 540 mm (up to 600 mm x 1000 mm);
  • Stuft: FR1, FR2, FR3, FR4, CEM1, CEM2, Me-base (aluminum, copper, steel, flexible, RF materials;
  • PCB thickness: 0.2 mm - 3.0 mm (standard 1.5 mm);
  • Minimum dimensions: 10 mm to 10 mm;
  • Foil thickness: 9 µm, 18 µm, 35 µm, 70 µm, 105 µm (standard 35 micron);
  • Minimum conductor width: 0.2 mm (GOST), 0.1 mm (IPC);
  • Minimum clearance between conductors: 0.2 mm (GOST), 0.1 mm (IPC);
  • Minimum pad size: 0.4 mm (GOST), 0.2 mm (IPC);
  • Minimum plated-through-hole diameter: 0.3 mm (GOST), 0.2 mm (IPC);
  • Minimum thickness of inner layer: 0.2 mm (GOST), 0.1 mm (IPC);
  • Protective mask covering the surface layer of copper: Hot tinning POS-63 (HASL), immersion gold, immersion silver, flux finishing of copper pads (OSP), ROHS and other (standard HASL coating);
  • Colors of mask coating: green, blue, red, black, white (standard: green);
  • Silkscreen (text and marks) is available from both sides;
  • Color marking coating: white, yellow, black (standard: white);
  • Processing: scribing, milling, stamping;
  • Electrical testing - manufacture of test prods or "flying probe, adapter" method;
  • Packing: simple mica packaging (GOST) or vacuum polyethylene packaging (IPC);
  • Turnaround time (typical): 14 days (GOST) (short-term: up to 5 days); from 3-4 weeks (IPC);

We are a provider of all types of PCB in China!

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